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Lydian – Day 41 – The Grocery Trip

Yesterday, we decided to walk to the store, right before it began raining! Of course, my mom decided not to flag down any taxis earlier in the walk, like I suggested, so we became drenched. Note to all you people coming to Costa Rica, bring an umbrella, or buy a good one while you’re here. You won’t be a very happy person if you don’t do one of these things. Either way, back to the story. We were walking along when it started raining heavily. Yesterday was when I learned that my “waterproof” Under armor hoodie is NOT immune to water. Neither are my jeans, but I already knew that. So I was walking along when it was still raining lightly, and my mom was inviting me under the pathetic excuse for an umbrella that she was using. I refused. I had my hoodie (It’s still not dry, by the way.)! Fast forward five minutes, I’m huddling under the umbrella with my mother, I’ve already stepped in about four or five mud puddles, and I’m sopping wet with the exception of my nose.

So much for my beloved hoodie. I still love it though. Don’t let those “waterproof hoodie” things fool you into thinking that you’re invincible in the rain when you wear one. You’re definitely not.

So anyways, cussing loudly every time I stepped in a mud puddle and water flowed into my shoes, and coated my freshly cleaned socks, merrily along I went. It was literally raining cats and dogs when a taxi went by, and you know what we did? WE DIDN’T WAVE IT DOWN!!!!!!! It probably had somebody in it, but you still get my point.
We did eventually get to the Coopatenas, and I don’t care what my mom says, there were people staring at us thinking “those stupid Americans, they went out in the rain!”.

On the way there, and this was a plus, the ants that are usually on the dollhouse sized anthills weren’t out swarming about, so we didn’t have to worry about them crawling on us. This was rather pleasant.

When we walked out of the store, there was a beautiful sunset that we got to observe while we called a taxi for the way back (practically useless, by the way). Luckily, my dad, who’s color blind, was able to see it. On the far left above the trees, there was a peachy orange color, while the other side was a pastel purple color that was really pretty. In the middle between these two colors, there was a pastel pink color. It truly was pretty.

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