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Lydian – Day 25 – Two Day Countdown to Comfy Chairs

So. In two days, we’re moving to a new location. I cannot wait. No longer will I be required to listen to the mournful yowling and yipping of the neighbor’s dog. No longer will I be required to watch bad children’s programs of TV with the neighbors. No longer will the lawn chair I call my own be of great matter. No longer will these things be. And, at least after you walk down the hill from this new location, there’s a town, and not a bus stop in the middle of no where with only chickens to pay attention to us. Thank god.

Only two more days. Also, a monumental plus, there are comfortable chairs in our new location. We went and looked at it last Friday. It is in Atenas. The chairs are comfortable. I will post a picture when possible, but the renter guy gave me and my mom a strange look when we sat down on the couch and sighed great sighs of relief. They’re actually probably really bad, really uncomfortable, cheapest-chairs-one-can-buy chairs, but to our sore bottoms, it was like sitting on a cloud.

Anyways. Last night was yoga and dance class. If you don’t like to be sore, I wouldn’t suggest doing an hour of Salsa, Merengue, Bolero, and Swing dancing followed my an hour of yoga. Now though, I’m one of those strange people who really likes to get that good achy feeling. It gives me a certain sense of comfort, so this is what I do for a good two or three nights of the week. Not that often, but hey! I don’t have to work out in the morning!

Last night during yoga, and after dance class, I was thinking, specifically about my PJ pants back home. I miss them greatly. I then thought of how nice the wind is, and how I would love to go home, just for a night, simply to listen to some wind whistling outside, and to smell the smell of cold, and to curl up in my heating blanket on high. That would probably get me through the rest of this trip, just one night back home. The reason this thought came on was because of the yoga instructor’s pants. They were blue, black, and white polka dotted, and they looked SUPER comfortable.

We still are experiencing the effects of trans fat to this very day. It lasts a long time, so avoid it if you can. If you just RELISH the feeling of lethargy, the pain of a killer neck ache, and the annoyingness of being constipated, go right on ahead and DON’T check labels… I will say one thing. You’ll feel less guilty if you check the label and come to find out the food you just ate had trans fat… You’ll just feel angry!

Food is still sparse here, but I’m hoping that once we move to our new location, that food will begin to stock up again. Our main food supply currently is rice, with fried chicken, much like the food that normal Costa Ricans eat. They would probably look at us even more strangely if we said that we crave variety in our food… They’re probably used to it! Still, every night I go to sleep dreaming of Whole Foods and the dairy free chocolate mousse that exists in the United States, and how I will require myself to get one of those the night that I get home.

Sometimes, I wonder if I’ll even know what to do with all of the different food options… Will I swarm towards the grocery store like a mad, starved person? Or will I just stand and look at, say, three different meals: rice and fried chicken, vegetarian egg rolls with chocolate mousse on the side, and vegan mac and cheese, and choose the rice and fried chicken? I don’t know, but maybe I’ll act normal about my food, which would definitely be refreshing. I can’t wait to find out, but I’ll have to wait.

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