Scarcity Value — By Lydian Shipp
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Scarcity Value — By Lydian Shipp

As you can probably see, we have enough food in the house to fill the small freezer and part of the refrigerator door.

Food variety, and food in general, is rather scarce these days.

Plain potato chips and dry bread with honey are the two snack foods that we have in our house right now. Dinner consists of either beans and rice with hot sauce or pasta with vegetables. Oatmeal is for breakfast. Today, we added a rare (but plentiful) new food to our snack time. A CLIF bar! Mine was chocolate-mint flavored. So was my mom’s.

Tonight, my dad is making stuffed chayote, I don’t know what exactly he’s planning on stuffing it with (air?), but supposedly it’s gonna be really awesome. If it is, we might then have three dinner food options. He also made a cookie like food, and it’s not half bad. It has coconuts and oatmeal with chocolate drink mix sprinkled on top.

Earlier, we discovered that there were ants in the cupboards with our food, like the chips and the CLIF bars, two of the most important things in the house, at the time. So, we moved every item of food into the freezer or out onto the table while my dad used the Raid he had used just the night before to kill the ants that weren’t in the cupboards. When you put all the food you have in a small closet, it appears you have more food than you actually do… Until you look at the fridge, which in our case, is filled with boiled water in glasses and pitchers. (UPDATE: Don’t drink the tap water in Costa Rica. Either use 5-gallon jugs of water or do what we did and boil the water. Always check before drinking the water in a foreign country… sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it’s not. If you don’t know, don’t take your chances. Go get some bottled water and make do with that, since boiling won’t always make the water safe.)

So, like I said, food’s rather scarce these days.

The plumbers came over again today. They finished fixing the shower, and probably got the screwdriver that they left here yesterday. Now we have warm water! I’m looking forward to taking my first warm shower in a week tomorrow morning.

Tonight, back home, we would be having martial arts classes. The first Tuesday for me in a foreign country always has a kind of a bittersweet kind of feel to it. I know that my friends are probably at martial arts right now and I’m sad that I’m not there, but I’m also kind of glad for a break in a way.

(NOTE: This post was written when I was 12. I edited it in 2017 for grammatical errors and other technical stuff, but maintained the content to preserve my 12-year-old perspective)

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