Sick After Breakfast Smoothie — By Jennifer Shipp
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Sick After Breakfast Smoothie — By Jennifer Shipp

Gross Smoothie
This is the leftover portion of the Sick after Breakfast Smoothie still in the blender that doesn’t work very well.

John made a “smoothie” tonight out of the oranges that we have growing in our backyard. These oranges are actually green and we had to look them up online to make sure they were indeed “oranges”. He squeezed the juice carefully and then he was going to use some bananas that I bought yesterday to add some substance to the much coveted “smoothie” tonight. Unfortunately, however, the “bananas” were plantains, so instead he thought he’d add carrots to the mix, but sadly, the blender at the house didn’t work very well and the carrots became chunks instead of mixing in with the juice.

I made myself drink the mixture, though I did finally fish out the carrot chunks with my fork. The mixture tasted just a little too reminiscent of vomit. I finished the concoction to the best of my ability before mentioning the resemblance that it had to puke. John thought about it for a minute and then concurred. He decided to call it “Sick after Breakfast” (though he said it was probably missing pancake chunks, a touch of maple syrup, and little pieces of bacon).

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