All Right Turns and Serendipity Today — By Jennifer Shipp
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All Right Turns and Serendipity Today — By Jennifer Shipp

How People Live in Costa Rica
A Costa Rican house located near an abastecedor and one of the bus stops we take into downtown Alajuela.

Today was mostly a very normal day.

The plumber/handyman came to try to fix our shower with two other young men. This morning, of course, the water was somewhat warm when I showered. I even stood underneath it to wash my hair. The shower must’ve known that the handyman was coming.

When he arrived he fiddled with the instant-on fixture quite haphazardly and it started a small fire inside and popped a few times. He wasn’t nearly as concerned about getting electrocuted as we were for him. In the end, his diagnosis was that the shower instant-on thingy was broken. Tomorrow we will have cold showers again, but perhaps after that, we’ll have hot water through at least one faucet in the house.

I worked for a while and then late in the afternoon, we went the abastecedores. This was fun…a really mild form of entertainment, but nonetheless, still entertainment. I suppose if there was a grocery in Brule, where our permanent home is located, I would probably be mildly entertained by short trips there and back as well, but alas, there is no grocery store to walk to at home. People have cars and just jet over to Ogallala to the “big” grocery stores when they need something.

It started to rain on our walk back, but luckily, a bus pulled up behind us and we were able to get on.”That’s serendipity,” I said to Lydian.  I thought about just continuing on to the Coffee Tour that’s supposedly 7 km down the road from the house, but we had three big bags of groceries. We have not yet tried turning left at the end of our driveway to travel down that road to see what there is to see, which I imagine is a lot of other Costa Rican houses. But, the sign says there’s a Coffee Tour, so there might be other things as well. Who knows, perhaps there are some big grocery stores down the hill in the other direction.

It’s hard to say what we’ll find, but today was just an average day. I’ll have to save the adventure of turning left for another day.

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