Things to Do in Tijuana: Avenida Revolución
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Things to Do in Tijuana: Avenida Revolución

While visiting Tijuana, we visited Avenida Revolución. The street is on the northern side of Tijuana, and is just blocks away from Zona Norte. It has lots of opportunities for shopping and many restaurants. Before embarking on our adventure to Avenida Revolución, Jennifer noted that the home of the Caesar Salad is on the street, and that it was created in Hotel Caesar’s (check out their website here). We did see the hotel, and we all thought it was strange that we never knew this little fact until we’d visited Tijuana. Among the other strange things we saw, the most notable were the “zonkeys” or “Tijuana Zebras.” Basically, they’re donkeys painted with black and white paint to look like zebras…

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