Costa Rica Tourism: Boat Trip to Tortuguero
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Costa Rica Tourism: Boat Trip to Tortuguero

This video depicts a bit of the boat ride to the Caribbean town of Tortuguero, Costa Rica. The journey to Tortuguero was somewhat of an ordeal; we first had to rent a car to drive to a small port along a river, and then we had to go on a boat ride through the Costa Rican jungle before we finally arrived at the tiny town. Lydian and John both thought that the boat was going to be less of a river boat and more of a river cruise (with wall n’stuff) based off what they’d read online, so they were both surprised when they saw the boat. But, the trip was totally worth it.

To learn how to get to Tortuguero, check out this post: Tortuguero National Park – Part 1 (How to Get to Tortuguero National Park)

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