Pilgrimage in Mexico: A Glimpse of a Guy with a Cross on His Back
Guanajuato Mexico North America

Pilgrimage in Mexico: A Glimpse of a Guy with a Cross on His Back

On the day we arrived in Guanajuato (January 30th), there was a big pilgrimage taking place just outside the city. In this video, Lydi catches a glimpse of a guy with a cross on his back. Where are all the people going? As far as I can tell (from the information I’ve gathered so far), they were trekking to the Cristo Rey statue on the outskirts of town. Mount Cristo Rey is special because it’s site of the second largest Jesus Christ statue in the world (the biggest one is in Brazil). Some people here in Guanajuato are really enchanted by the statue, especially some of the older locals…

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