Mexico Border Crossing: Thoughts and Concerns
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Mexico Border Crossing: Thoughts and Concerns

John hated to admit it, but before we got there, he was concerned about crossing the US Mexico border. He’d read all kinds of nonsense online and so, even though we’ve crossed borders from Jordan to Israel and from Thailand to Cambodia, he was afraid that the SanYsidro border crossing to Tijuana was going to be difficult, congested, and maybe even dangerous. In this video, John, Lydi, and I discuss all the things that could go wrong at the border, hypotheticals, and things like that. Mostly, we make fun of John. And then, we get to see the Mexican border from several different viewpoints along the journey. There’s not a lot of solid information in this video…but it’s a fairly accurate portrayal of all the silly tension that happens in our family before big travel events.

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