Los Gatos Aventuros: Driving to Mexico with Two Cats
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Los Gatos Aventuros: Driving to Mexico with Two Cats

We had lots of time in the car to think and come up with stupid stuff, so Lydian and I decided that Garfield and Babylonia were “The Adventure Cats” (or something thereabouts). Who knew that they’d be such awesome little travelers. They made it all the way from western Nebraska to Tijuana without so much as a peep and then from Tijuana to Guanajuato, Mexico with only a few small protests at the beginning of each day (mostly from Babylonia, who expects likes to be the one in control).

Incidentally, crossing the border from the U.S. to Mexico with 2 cats was a breeze…we didn’t have to do anything to bring them across the border except the requisite rabies shots and deworming.

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